You will be rolling as tanks are going!

In this battle you can steamroll everyone! Our commander is waiting teams up to 10-12 members to be ready to fight after the briefing between the noob troops, with helmet on the top, to jump to the stomach of the siege or wait the enemy on the top of the tanks. You can control the light armored amphibious - right after you gain full control of the combat training - and listen to the growling 16,000 CC, eight-cylinder diesel engine.

Tank driving

An ideal gift.

Once in gear, a simple push of the thumb throttle will propel you for the thrill you have been waiting for! Regardless of whether you have experience or not, our team and educated staff will assist you with learning the fundamentals and proper control to ensure having the utmost of fun in a safe environment. If you can drive a car or ride a bike, we can teach you to ride an Quad!

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Brutallica versus stress.

This crazy machine from the first screw to the last spring infected overwhelmingly brutal force of adrenaline. As the 600-kilo wild hearted best gasps its the 140-horsepower engine and the wheels stir up the sandy slopes of Domonyvölgy, the hills echoes it: The Beast! Release it, and become one with it and let it transform you, rev you up until you get to the really top. Try it yourself and feel the unique driving experience, find out what it means to enjoy the invincibility and the freedom of the four wheels. Wipe away the barriers and boundaries, break out from the prison of everyday and unleash your inner monster in the extreme and fierce Polaris Tour!

Quad and Brutallica driving

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Only tanks and quads? Maybe something else I can ask you for?

Of course, we can put together programs to suit individual needs as well as the opportunities in our website is not exhausted all the options, just a little taste. If you want to compile our operator exactly what you actually need, please contact us.

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Our operators will do to ensure that, your offer will be right below the regular price and in the best quality possible.


Among our Last Minute Offers, City Break opportunities, Round trips, or Cruise Ship Travels, we are trying our best to found the best option to satisfy your needs.

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